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CALL +44 (0) 1805 62 11 60

CNC Training:
Design & Machine

All CNC packages are supplied with an in-depth training session taking users from any level to the point of being able to use the software and machine independently. A session can also be booked separately for clients who would like an introduction session before making a purchase. More in-depth tailor training sessions are also available by request.

Introductory Course

An overview and step by step demonstration of the workflow from drawing & design through to setting up and using a machine


  • VCarve Pro and/or Aspire drawing (CAD)
  • Overview of toolpath operation (CAM)
  • Work through setting up typical toolpath operations
  • Exporting GCODE for the machine
  • Overview of CNC machine setup including Mach3 control software
  • Mach3 tour of common features – the common workflow
  • Vacuum bed and/or fixturing
  • Machine setup and machining of the job
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